Synology DS216J Network Attached Storage Review

Synology DS216J Network Attached Storage Review

Network Attached Storage (NAS) allows you to conveniently connect a hard drive to your home or office router through an Ethernet Cable. This creates a storage space that can be accessed by users via their tablets, desktops, PCs or any other compatible device.

Many small businesses and offices are using NAS units as a budget-friendly alternative to expensive and power hungry servers that are too complex and difficult to handle. The stored data can be accessed by people on your home or office network.

About The Product

The Synology NAS DiskStation (DS216j) is one of the most budget-friendly devices in the series.  Despite its reasonable price, the DS216j model features a dual-core CPU along with a hardware encryption engine.

Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation, DS216J

The DS216j is especially designed for home users that are in search of an effective storage solution that allows seamless file management, multimedia streaming and synchronization.

The disk station is equipped with two handy 3.0 ports on the back panel of the drive. This makes it possible for users to connect to external storage devices if they are need of supplement storage. The unit also supports Cloud Storage, which allows users to conveniently sync files and folders to other Diskstations. 

This also includes Windows, Android, iOS and other mobile devices.  Individual’s can also sync the DS216j with Microsoft, Amazon Glacier, Hicloud and Amazon S3. Here are some notable features of the Synology NAS DiskStation (DS216j):

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    Ultimate Flexibility of Your Own Cloud: Users can conveniently use Synology’s private cloud solutions. This makes it easier for users to centralize all their data in a single location. The unit offers a safe and efficient way for users to manage their files and folders. It does not matter if you are on the go or are working from home, with DS216j, it becomes easy to access, sync and share all your files.
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    Stay Connected: With the DS216j, you can conveniently sync all your files across multiple devices and cloud providers, such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.
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    Carry Your Data Everywhere You Go: Individuals can remotely connect to the NAS using one of their mobile applications and access files and folders on their fingertips, wherever and whenever you need them.
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    Create a Home for Your Multimedia: Synology offers several multimedia packages that allow users to create to organize and manage their vast collection of photos, notes and movies.
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    24/7 Smart Home Surveillance: Users can now keep an eye on things at home with the handy Surveillance Station. Users can conveniently monitor live streams on the mobile and desktop devices. The DS216j works efficiently with Amcrest security cameras to monitor, view and record data from practically anywhere around the world.
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    Multiple Applications: The DS216j offers an excellent balance of agility and durability. The NAS can support multiple running applications developed by the brand.
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    Secure Backup Solutions: Best of all, the DS216j offers reliable secure and affordable solution for file protection and can automatically back up all your data in the cloud or another external device.
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    Remote File Access: The unit offers top-notch remote media and file access so you can access data on the go, while you are on the road or at work. The DS216j allows individuals to complete multiple tasks on a budget.

What Others Say

Most customers were quite pleased with the product, especially because it was available at a vry reasonable price. A customer wrote how they were ecstatic about how easy and convenient it is to use the Synology. 

The unit is quite user-friendly and can be used by a beginner without any problems if they simply read the instructions.  Another customer wrote how the Cloud Station software makes it easy to share pictures and videos with friends and family. The software is quite intuitive

On the downside, a customer wrote a detailed review, pointing out the flaws of the Video Station software. They were not satisfied with the software and complained how the file sorting was awful. Another customer had trouble with web initialization.

Amazon had offered a replacement product but the customer wasn’t pleased with it either and complained that the representatives weren’t interested in fixing the problem.

Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation, DS216J

A customer wrote how they found usability terrible and had problems with transferring files. It is advisable that you thoroughly read the instructions and watch a few video tutorials on how to use the device first.

Also, make sure you browse through the product reviews to get a better idea of the products. Most customers had mixed reviews about the product. While the device is quite useful and functional, users agreed it could use some improvements.

Buying Advice

The Synology NAS DiskStation (DS216j) is available on Amazon for $169.99 with free shipping on Amazon Prime. If you want to save money, be on the lookout for deals and discounts. Individuals can find more details about the product, such as deals and offers on Synology’s website.

The products a great gift for tech savvy people. Amazon has a detailed warranty policy that you should read through. Devices that arrive damaged can be returned within 30 days of purchase.


Overall, the Synology NAS DiskStation (DS216j) is a superior option for home users who are in search of a media storage hub. While it is not as powerful as the DS216 model, this affordable solution is great for file synchronization and multimedia streaming.

Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation, DS216J

Some prominent cons include lower iSCSI write performance and lack of slot loading drive bays, which might cause users to suffer a few inconveniences. 

The device is quite easy to use and offers superior performance. However, if you are on the lookout for advanced features and are not happy with the DS216j, we advise you opt for high-end devices.

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